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  • Welcome to Jiang Ling RuiYa Biological Products Co.,Ltd. Website!
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    Jiang Ling RuiYa Biological Products Co.,Ltd.is a collection of new, efficient and environmentally friendly pesticides the key intermediates in the development and production and marketing of science and technology in one private-owned manufacturing enterprises. The company employs more than 100 people, including 20 senior technical staff, who are all long-term engaged in research and development of pesticide intermediates of professional and technical personnel.
    The company is located in the central and southern Yangtze River in central and southern northern Hubei Province, close to the Yangtze golden waterway, the location of superior location, convenient water and land transportation, the two provincial highway and the Yangtze River golden waterway passing through here from Shashi Airport, Jingzhou Railway Station, It only takes 30 minutes by car to Han Yi Expressway, starting from Gangneung via waterway and directly connecting Chongqing and Shanghai.
    The company mainly produces the following products: trifloxystrobin, m-trifluoromethyl acetophenone oxime, methyl (E) -2- (2-tolyl) -2-methoxyiminoacetate amine.
    International advanced technology, excellent price, good after-sales service and technical support system. Outside the standard product packaging can also be special packaging according to customer requirements, logistics convenient and sincerely look forward to working with you for your cooperation.


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    Contact us

    Sales: Mr Yuan +86-13875208953 Manager Wang +86-13873216200 Mr. Yan +86-18673262928

    Office: Ms. Hua +86-17371478897

    Tel:+86-716-4727992  Fax:+86-716-4727985


    Add: Jiangling County Industrial Park East Ring Road on the 21st

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