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  • Welcome to Jiang Ling RuiYa Biological Products Co.,Ltd. Website!
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    Company Vision

    Better business excellence Better life

    Pursuit of excellence, never satisfied, this is the style of Jiangling Ruiya people, but also the key to success Jiangling Ruiya. Faced with a new round of opportunities for economic development, the wise Jiangling-Ruiya people regard independent innovation as the lifeline and soul of development and the improvement of the capability of independent innovation as the central aspect of adjusting economic structure, transforming growth mode and enhancing competitiveness.

    Jiangling Ruiya people's vision is based on common development, resource sharing, complement each other and share the benefits of development desire to take the overall picture of the mind, pioneering and innovative efforts, down-to-earth style, endless pursuit of market competition in the waves , Continue to build the excellent quality of enterprises, to create a better life.

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    Contact us

    Sales: Mr Yuan +86-13875208953 Manager Wang +86-13873216200 Mr. Yan +86-18673262928

    Office: Ms. Hua +86-17371478897

    Tel:+86-716-4727992  Fax:+86-716-4727985


    Add: Jiangling County Industrial Park East Ring Road on the 21st

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